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Set 3 Autumn Leaf Pattern Kitchen Canisters

Set 3 Autumn Leaf Pattern Kitchen Canisters

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This set of kitchen canisters has just the right amount of age and patina to them! They are the "Autumn Leaf" pattern by the Jewel Tea Company, which went out of business in the early 1980's.

Whether you're looking to complete your vintage Autumn Leaf kitchen collection or just want to add that fall flair to your space, this is a fantastic set!

Please note the condition issues of this set:

* areas of paint worn off (as seen in photos)

* discoloration of smallest canister

* rust spots inside largest and smallest canister

Canisters measure:

Large: 8.5" tall, 6" diameter

Medium: 7" tall, 5" diameter

Small: 6.25" tall, 4" diameter

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